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ONE consistent theme. ONE dedicated sport. ONE full season.

Christ-Centered, Faith-building

Biblical lessons help players grow in their faith. Thought-provoking questions help players act on their faith. Every devotional series gives players the opportunity to begin a relationship with God.

The idea of one

Team Sports Devotions is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of churches, Christian schools, and faith-based youth leagues. We have created devotionals with ONE consistent theme, for ONE dedicated sport, carrying through ONE full season.

Confidence for Coaches

Before, coaches grappled for something to say. Now, coaches have confidence to lead simple yet spiritually rich 15 minute devotionals.

Points to The Gospel

Team Sports Devotions is dedicated to spreading the Gospel message through youth sports. Through a book or theme of the Bible, kids are introduced to Jesus. They learn about God’s goodness and saving grace within the context of the sport they love to play.

Age and Sports Specific

Each series is tailored for a specific age group and sport. Relatable scenarios grab the attention of elementary, middle, or high school players. Real life sports illustrations make biblical lessons stick.

New Devotionals Every Season

We promise to maintain a fresh selection in our marketplace by adding new devotionals every season. We will be introducing football and soccer devotions as well as summer camp devotions in 2017.